conservation project


Pavo muticus muticus,

Pavo muticus imperator and

Pavo muticus spicifer

or english

javanese green peafowl,

indochinese green peafowl and

burmese green peafowl

About our story and Purpose :

What I want ist the conservation of the three pure subspecies of green peafowl that exist here.

That means all 3 subspecies as there are pavo muticus muticus , pavo muticus imperator and pavo muticus spicifer.

We are keeping good working breeding groups of all 3 subspecies, what is not to find at other places.

We had some lucky chances by arranging our breeding stocks, what I mean are a number of unique imports of pure birds from asia  in the last time. It´s now ours to keep the breeding pure.

Hereby this time our breeding stock is the only one in Europe, keeping and multiplying all 3 subspecies of Pavo muticus.

If you consider, that nowadays all subspecies of green peafowl are threatened by human made destroying of their living conditions, the keeping of pure captive stocks will be of greatest importance for the future.


The beauty of these birds allone should be worth all efforts for us.